Dorfler DC 16 Cello strijkstok

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cello strijkstok 4/4, pernambuco, Parijs oog, met hiel, rond
For demanding musicians of a superior level. Improved pernambuco stick, 30 years of impeccable storage and dried. Excellent elastomechanic qualities. A bow is for the musician as important as the instrument that he wants to bring to life. The sound quality of a string instrument can only be achieved when both components fully harmonize.

Collection Pernambuco nickel-silver: Basic Bows W. Dorfler

better pernambuco stick
ebony frog with heel plate
Parisian eye
three-part button with eye
metal blanc winding

For Dörfler's pernambuco bows only selected woods are used, which have been perfectly stored and dried for appromimately 30 years. Thanks to its, despite great hardness and density, excellent elasto- mechanics this wood type is the first, or more even the only, choice for bow making of a high standard.

Pernambuco wood comes from northern and central east Brazil. The tree from which it is won is called Caesalpinia echinata, also known as Pau Brasil.